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In its quest for creating synergies in sales & marketing activities domestically and aboard, Luxchem Group has acquired Lexis Group of Companies on 24 August 2021 namely Lexis Chemical Sdn Bhd, Lexis Specialties Sdn Bhd and Lexis Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Established in 2016, Lexis Chemical Sdn Bhd is principally involves in the manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemical products such as former cleaning agents, powder free coagulants and polymer coatings. These chemicals are mostly used in the rubber glove industries as process chemicals.

Lexis Specialties Sdn Bhd, formed in 2018, is focuses on the wholesale of industrial chemicals such as defoamers, dewebbers, metallic and organic pigments, paraffin and crystalline waxes, anionic nitrile latex stabilizer and functional fillers. These chemicals are mostly used in the rubber glove and other latex dipped industries as part of the compounding / dipping process in the manufacturing of rubber products. Most of these chemicals are imported from China while some are manufactured locally.

The acquisition would lead to wider product range and customer base of Luxchem Group.

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